Be The Change: FC3 Strategic Planning Survey Open Now!

Flagler County Cultural Council seeks community input to build a strong organization to support the arts, culture, and history of Flagler County
The Flagler County Cultural Council (FC3), in partnership with the Flagler County Tourism Development Office, has contracted Executive Service Corps-Florida (ESCFL) to facilitate the development of an arts, culture, and history Strategic Plan for Flagler County. This is the first time the opportunity to develop a Strategic Plan of this kind has been available in our community.
The FC3 seeks community input to guide the identity and purpose of their role and to build a strong organization capable of serving and supporting all local arts, culture, and history interests. Your feedback and insights are key to helping us shape our strategic priorities and determine how we can most effectively serve the community.


The survey will be available October 13 – November 2, 2023. For more information, please contact or 386-313-4229.


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