Turtle Trail


“Marc-Sea” is an adaptation of the French-Russian artist, Marc Chagall (1887-1985).This sculpture was inspired by his Peace Windows stained glass works in the United Nations building, New York. I formulated the idea of donating Marc-Sea when I attended the PCAF Picnic and Pops concert. Growing up in New York City my parents had exposed me to many of the cultural opportunities available including theater, museums, zoos, art exhibitions, concerts, etc. I found myself singing along with most of the music presented at the PCAF concert and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Coupled with my long scuba diving career, in which I am allowed to share the world of sea turtles, donating to the PCAF Turtle Trail made infinite sense. Choosing the theme of Marc Chagall’s “Peace” windows evolved not only from my love of his work but also from the message he conveyed to us all.

Marc-Sea was Sponsored by Dr. Mark Vogel
Location: Grand Haven Residential Community, Village Center, 2001 Waterside Parkway (gate-access community, call PCAF at 386-225-4394 for entry)

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